Sunday, 18 September 2011

We now have a blog.. baby steps

Hello you!

Yes you reading this post.....I can see you saying Me?! Yes you. Don't bother looking behind you because I am talking to you. :-)
Thank you for coming over!
This is our first blog and first blogpost. We are excited to be sharing it with you and we do hope to plan your event for you pretty soon.
We do not just specialise in one type of event but a whole lot of events ranging from bridal shower all the way to graduation parties. Whatever the event, Tara K's Events is up to the task.
We work hand in hand with you to create an event to suit your taste and to give you peace of mind knowing that your event is being planned by trustworthy individuals.
Some of the things we do include;
Packaged Mini Eggs/Candy (for tables)Source

Fancy chair sashes and covers Source
Cakes Source

Invites Source
Personalised Sweatshirts Source

As we have already emphasised, we literally take the pressure of planning your event off your list and ensure you have a smooth ride planning and during your event. We will endeavour to upload images of our work soon.
We look forward to planning your dream event soon.

Best wishes

Tara K's


  1. Emm, u seems to have some taste for excellence, so how can we work together,?

  2. Congrats

  3. I know the feeling of having a first blog. Good luck and welcome to blogger.

    *plus, we can do something about the design.